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Disciples of NPR

What? I can't hear you.. I'm listening to Karl Haas.

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Jonesing for National Public Radio
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This is the LJ home for NPR Junkies -- we listen from Morning Edition to All Things Considered and everything in between. We might even have sordid fanfiction or something- 'cause were cerebral, but inherently obsessive and insane.

Community Guidelines

Membership. Though listeners of NPR are naturally more enlightened and classier than the average yokel, this is an open forum that may be visited by some with ulterior motives. Stalking and general buffoonery is a reality that must be dealt with, thus, you must request access to group membership. Please don’t view this as a rule of exclusion, but more preventative. 99.9% of all requests will be promptly granted. We really like fellow junkies!

Updated 6/15 - due to trolling and obnoxious activity, the filtered membership is back in effect. But, remember- it's just to weed out troublemakers. Only join if you're sincere.

Topic relevance. This is a community based on a mutual interest, and entries are expected to reflect that interest. Content should be relevant to public broadcasting of some kind. This can include PBS, but I encourage you to post these at pbsjunkies instead. PERSONAL POSTS as of 7/20/05 are discouraged and may be subject to deletion, at moderator's discretion, which is based on membership "outcry". To prevent this, it would be best to discuss the relevant topic and add the suggestion that everyone read your personal journal to find out how you feel, or other communities to learn how it affects other segments of the LJ community population. Redundancy gets tiresome, but references, links, etc. are food for the curious!

Respect. NPR offers a wide range of programs appealing to an even wider and more complex audience’s tastes and preferences. No question is stupid, but please make it sincere. In turn, replies should not attack the poster but address the topic. Violations won’t be necessarily deleted but if I see one more “I hate _____ for no good reason” I’ll scream!
Any questions or problems? Contact the moderators!

Miscellanous. Large images, images containing graphic content, community advertisements, long posts, posts containing graphic content, and posts that have been cross-posted to more than three communities should be placed behind a lj-cut with suitable labeling.*

If you are an EMPLOYEE or INTERN of PBS or NPR, please make any rants "friends only" or carefully consider your wording. Our community membership may include your boss, co-worker, or the personality you're slamming.

Also, please keep the promotion of other communities limited to one thread-their relevance and frequency are subject to mod review.

Online resources mentioned in community posts and comments:
- NPR Podcast Directory
- NPR Station Finder (includes coverage strength maps)
- PublicRadioFan.com has schedule listings for thousands of public radio stations.
- RadioScout, a service that "searches information shared by public radio producers and stations so you can easily find what's been on the air and what's coming up."

Companion Communities: pbsjunkies, iloveradio

*= swiped from feminist because it's perfectly worded

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