Pledge Drive

My local station is finishing up our Valentines Day pledge drive tomorrow. I originally volunteered for two shifts, but am going to end up doing four, including tomorrow morning, answering phones. If you are curious about the volunteering thing, you can feel free to read about my adventures on my journal; link.

How many of you have volunteered to answer phones? What was it like for you? Would you do it again?
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Looking for two NPR stories...

Okay, this might be a long shot, but I'm trying to find a certain act of a certain episode of TAL. I thought the entire episode had something to do with soulmates, but I just browsed through the entire TAL online archive to no avail. The segment I'm thinking of was about how someone had sat down and calculated out his chances of finding a girl he could like/date in the city of Boston. He walked through the math with Ira Glass (e.g. there are X many girls in Boston, X number have this characteristic) and arrived at the number 1. I'm trying to find it for a friend. I heard it within the couple years (I wasn't listening to TAL before 2004 or so).

Incidentally, I submitted a request for a different NPR story via the website and they couldn't find what I was looking for. That story was about a researcher and his assistant who studied the age at which individuals' musical tastes become fixed. I can't remember what show this story was featured on, but since I'm asking about the TAL segment, I thought I'd ask about this one too. I think I heard this one back in 2005 or early 2006.

Any ideas?
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How to do local politics?

There was a fairly recent item about a web site which gave practical advice on how to do local politics, including an anecdote about a woman who wanted an issue taken up. She was advised to run in an uncontested election. Since the candidate who was going to win didn't want to go through the motions of running, he asked her what she wanted (implied: in exchange for withdrawing her candidacy). She's since become quite politically active.

Anyway, the website is getting built, state by state. Does anyone remember the name of the website?